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4.2L - IL6 / 258 ci: rod bearing replacement?

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Vehicle: '90 YJ - 300,000 mi.

Motor: 4.2 litre / 258 cu. in. -- in-line 6-cylinder -- stock rebuild, approx. 150,000 mi.

Problem: Sounds like an old gangster movie

My mechanic says it's ready to go and could die any second. I haven't driven it since May, except to move it over a few feet. But my new neighbour listened to it and believes it might be as simple as replacing the rod bearings. He says this just involves removing the oilpan, undoing a couple screws, and replacing the bearings. This sounds like something I can handle.

Anyone have any knowledge or experience about this? Any tips? What parts and tools do I need? Any references I can use? (Online, ideally. Haynes isn't helping much, and I'm not too enthusiastic about the idea of buying more books that may or may not be helpful in this instance.)
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